See what customers are saying about Jack Earl Company:

Jack Earl Co. Rugged Beard Oil is essential if you have a beard! This product is so good, I have used a bottle and I am back for more! This will be a staple in grooming for me! BRAVO Jack Earl!

- Owen D.

"The best beard oil out there!!! The beard oil was perfect for me it left my beard smooth and without leaving it bright. And the big plus is that help you with dry skin."

- Pablo J.

"Great smelling stuff! I got completed the first day I used this stuff. The customer service is also next to none. There is no possible way you can be disappointed. Unless of course you don't have a beard!! In which case I recommend the peppermint Chapstick;)"

- Daniel S. 

"All I can say is wow, the wax (Mustache Wax) is amazing, great hold and smells incredible. Thanks again for the email and call, goes to show you have great customer service and take time and care for each order. Fast shipping and probably one of the best buying experiences I've had. Thanks again for the extras, you'll be seeing more orders from me very soon!"

-Kevin S.

"Picked up your lip balm at locali  and was so into it, i had to research and do some google homework only to find out this lip balm was made for dudes. i am a lady and i dont care. its damn good lip balm. makes me wish i had a beard."

-Sujey L.