About Us


Years ago, when I relocated from The Big Sky Country of Montana to try and find my path through the hustle and bustle of the film business in Los Angeles, I found my skin was drying out in the new Mediterranean climate. My skin had always been sensitive, but my regular pomade didn’t work for me anymore and started causing my hands to breakout in a red rash. After combing through the internet to research natural alternatives to what was available at local pharmacies, I eventually whipped up my own pomade catered specifically to my skin and hair type.

I started growing a beard a few years later, and once again struggled to find any quality products I liked to help with the itchiness. Once again, I indulged my obsession with developing the perfect recipes for my own personal grooming products, and a friend of mine (who happened to be a good graphic designer) suggested I turn that obsession into a business. I'd always wanted to be my own boss and I knew I had the passion for it, so with a little help and encouragement, Jack Earl Company was founded in 2013. The name is inspired by my grandfather, a man I hold in the utmost respect.

We started off small focusing on beard oil and mustache wax, and sold out at numerous local beard competitions and gatherings in Los Angeles. Our approach was to use quality, hand crafted ingredients packaged in a simple, classic design. We encountered an overwhelmingly positive response since most of the other products on the market seemed to be harsher, kitschy and cheap looking. With success in the local markets we set out to develop our two signature scents: Rugged, and I’m Your Huckleberry. As we continue to grow across the country and abroad, our promise will be to provide customers with a uniquely individualized grooming experience that never sacrifices quality.